Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Subaru To Launch Diesel Models In Japan, Starting In Aus With Outback Diesel In December


SUBARU LAUNCHED its first diesel engine in Europe back in 2008, starting with the Legacy (Liberty in Australia) before expanding to the Impreza and Forester lines. The diesel version of the Legacy has proven especially popular, accounting for over 50 percent of Legacy sales in Europe.

Japanese business daily Nikkei has reported that Subaru will now launch an updated version of its diesel range in Japan in 2011 as part of its plan to meet Japan’s strict new emissions regulations.


subaru_boxer_diesel_engine_tmr TMR spoke with Subaru Australia National Corporate Affairs Manager, David Rowley, who confirmed that Subaru will launch its first diesel in Australia this year in the form of the Outback, with a likely market debut in early December.

Rowley said that an expanded diesel range in Australia will hinge on the success of the diesel Outback.

“We are expecting to announce the diesel Outback early in December, and depending on consumer interest, we will look at bringing in diesel versions of the Liberty, Impreza and Forester,” he said.