Monday, April 20, 2009

Changan e301 concept

Changan Auto, one of China's five major domestic auto manufacturers, today revealed the e301 crossover concept. Going against the trend of other automakers of a similar size, Changan is planning to display only two concepts at the show. Developed in-house, the e301 crossover is quickly gathering interest as its blue-sky concept stands out from Shanghai's many production-based show cars.

Styling-wise, the overall design could easily have come straight out of the Citro├źn stable; the e301 is described by the company as a 'brand-new type of sports utility vehicle with a bold, innovative, fashionable design for young Chinese people'. The most notable aspects of its design include an asymmetrical deck design, split DLO and a 'fang-like' lower air intake.

Two different types of hybrid powertrains and a hydrogen fuel cell propulsion system power the e301 concept.

Geely GC515 & GC515 RV

Geely revealed the GC515 and GC515 RV at Auto Shanghai today. Designed by Italdesign's Chinese satellite studio, the GC515 (shown in red) and the GC515 RV (pictured in yellow) share the same platform and are positioned in the A0 supermini segment.

Part of the GLEAGLE sub-brand, Geely claims both cars were developed to attract young, fun-seeking yet environmentally conscious Chinese buyers - a segment that seeks vehicles which satisfy both functionality and a desire for style. Both models are expected to go into production, with domestic sales expected sometime in 2010.

Geely GE

Until recently, the Chinese domestic super luxury segment has been dominated by the state-owned Hongqi brand (also known as Red Flag), which specialized in developing limousines for high-ranking government officials and foreign diplomats.

At this year's Auto Shanghai, however, Geely Auto has chosen to show its own interpretation of Chinese luxury in the form of the GE sedan. When it hits production, the GE will be positioned as the flagship model in Geely's Englon sub-brand - a range of luxury vehicles with classic British-style design.

With an overall length of 5334mm, the GE's design is familiar; most of its design theme comes from its original European counterpart: the Rolls-Royce Phantom. Lavish details include separation glass between the driver and rear-seat passengers, a starlight headliner, wool carpeting and a rather unique center-mounted rear passenger seat.