Tuesday, June 2, 2009

2011 BMX X1 Crossover: Official Teaser Images


THE BMW X1 crossover concept was revealed back in October last year, but there hasn’t been a great deal of official word on the smallest Bimmer SUV/CUV since then.

Now, though, BMW has revealed four new teaser images to keep us going.

While most of the key design elements remain hidden under BMW’s signature surreal camouflage, the shape and overall style of the final production X1 is clear for all to see. Even the close-up shot of the covered headlights gives you a strong idea of what to expect of their final shape.


One thing’s for certain; despite the X1 moniker, BMW’s new CUV would appear from these images to share very little with its entry-level stablemate, the BMW 1 Series. The grille is reminiscent of the new 7 Series or the 5 Series GT, while the headlights and tail lights appear to bear similarities to the X5 and 3 Series respectively.

Rather than the 1 Series, the X1 crossover shares its full-time all-wheel-drive platform with the upcoming MINI Crossman, and is believed to be comparable in size to the Toyota Rav4.

The X1 is expected to debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show this September before hitting the European market in time for the 2010 model range, with Australian deliveries slated to begin early next year.

“We’re looking at the first quarter of 2010,” said Tim James, Product Communications Manager at BMW Australia.

“Engine configurations aren’t confirmed for our market yet, but it is likely that we’ll go with a 2 litre diesel and then a new four-cylinder twin-turbo diesel as well.

“Auto and manual should be available, but we haven’t knocked out the final details.”