Tuesday, June 2, 2009

2009 Honda Accord Euro Gets Modulo Treatment


FIRST SEEN in Australia at the 2009 Melbourne International Motor Show, Honda’s Modulo brand is available for the City, Odyssey and now the Honda Accord Euro.

The race-inspired Modulo range of accessories, already available in Japan, Thailand and Malaysia for some time, has been designed in parallel with each new Honda model to ensure an integrated, ‘factory’ look with a high quality fit and finish.

The Modulo Sports Pack for the Honda Accord Euro includes front and rear aero bumpers, side skirts, a sports grille, rear boot spoiler and a fog light set.

Being designed and approved directly by Honda rather than a third-party outfit, the Modulo kit gives Honda owners the opportunity to add some flair to their car without compromising on reliability or the quality of materials used.

Ticking the “Modulo” box on the options list will add $3580 to the price of a base Accord Euro, while the same kit will cost $3330 when applied to Luxury and Luxury Navigation models. The cost excludes fitting, which may vary from dealer to dealer.

Modulo parts can be purchased individually too, so contact your local Honda dealer for more details.