Monday, May 25, 2009

Toyota Releases Modellista Aero Kits For 2010 Prius


IT’S ONLY JUST gone on sale in Japan, but already Toyota has wheeled out a few of its own aftermarket parts for the 2010 Prius.

Sold under Toyota’s Modellista brand, the bodykits range from the super-mild Modellista Version 1 and Version 2, to the slightly outrageous Aero Tourer S kit. All three of them do lend the Prius a slightly more dynamic edge, but even with the Aero Tourer’s unique front bumper design and its attendant sideskirts and rear bumper lip the Prius is still, well, a Prius.


There’s also some chrome accents, alloy-look mirror covers, alloy wheels and an interior garnish kit on offer, but for those few individuals looking to improve the performance of their Prius, Toyota does have a set of lowered sports springs in its Modellista catalogue.


Don’t count on the Modellista goodies being on sale Down Under anytime soon, as these are strictly a Japanese market-only thing. Would anyone even want these parts? Well, as with any aesthetic assessments, that’s entirely subjective.