Monday, May 25, 2009

GM Recalling 35,000 Pontiac G8 Sedans, Holden Says Commodore Safe


GM HAS ANNOUNCED that some 35,038 Pontiac G8s – the Aussie-built sibling to the Commodore and one of the last models to bear the recently retired Pontiac badge – will be recalled, due to concerns over two electronic functions.

According to the recall notice, the first of the two faults is an incorrectly programmed brake pedal position switch that may result in the brake lights remaining illuminated during regular driving.

2009 Pontiac G8 GXP

The second fault centres on the tyre pressure monitoring system and incorrectly programmed values, resulting in the potential for a driver to not be alerted to low tyre pressure.

The recall is expected to begin June 5, with owners invited to return their vehicles to Pontiac dealerships, where the faults will be corrected free of charge.

TMR contacted Holden to see whether Aussie Commodore owners should expect to receive a similar letter. Holden Communications Manager Kate Lonsdale advised that the faults are specific to US-delivered Pontiac models, the Commodore remaining unaffected.