Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Subaru Holds The Line, Impreza And Forester Achieve April Records

2009 Subaru Forester

April VFACTS figures show that Subaru has held the line in a tough month, falling just 5.5 percent against an overall industry drop of 23.9 percent.

Most encouraging of all for the six-star brand, Impreza was up 5.9 percent on the same month last year with 1008 sales, while Forester was up 11.9 percent for the month (and up 24.7 percent year-to-date) with 1239 sales.

Worth remembering here is that last year, against which these gains were recorded, was a boom first half for the industry (a distant memory for most now).

Subaru ’s overall April sales of 2999 vehicles gave it a 4.7 percent market share for the month, the second highest achieved by the company. The strong-selling Forester was the 10th best-selling vehicle for the month, while both models achieved April records.

Coming on the end of the model run for the Liberty and Outback (which achieved 356 sales and 232 sales respectively), the Subaru result in what is a dismal market for most is very strong.

When the next-gen Liberty and Outback arrive, Subaru will have even more knives in the drawer to carve out market share