Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Next-Gen Hyundai Tucson To Be Based On ix-onic Concept, Coming Here In 2010

Hyundai ix-onic concept crossover

Word around the water cooler is that the Hyundai Tucson will be replaced sometime next year by a production version of the shapely ix-onic concept, which made its debut at the Geneva Auto Show earlier this year.

At this stage it’s unclear whether the next-gen Tucson will share its mechanical spec with the ix-onic, but if the concept crossover was a clue, then it may be the first production Hyundai to use a twin-clutch gearbox.

Hyundai ix-onic concept crossover

With a 125kW 1.6 litre direct-injected turbodiesel inline four and a twin-clutch six speed sitting underhood, the new Tucson would likely be a very efficient beast. Hyundai fitted the show car with its Idle Stop and Go system too, which if it makes the transition to production should boost fuel economy markedly.

It’s a little too early to speculate on a launch date, but our source assures us it’s coming to Australia in 2010, along with the i20 compact car.

Personally, we can’t wait for the ix-onic-based Tucson replacement. The current model is looking a little tired, and the ix-onic’s styling would be a gargantuan leap forward.

If the twin-clutch cogswapper and thrifty diesel donk also make their way downunder, we predict that Hyundai will have yet another winner on its hands.