Thursday, May 7, 2009

Buell Gunning For ‘Fastest Bike On Ice’ Record: Video


Setting a new world record. Is there a better way to let people know how good your product is?

Buell has set out to achieve just that with its 1125R liquid-cooled sportbike.

Rather than attempting something as mundane as a best 0-100km/h time or highest top speed, Buell chose to attempt setting a record for the fastest bike… on ice.

Stunt rider Craig Jones was selected to hang on pilot the modified Buell as it blasted across a frozen Lake Dellen in Sweden.

Studded tyres and a shot of nitrous oxide were added to the 1125R and resulted in a top speed of 238 km/h (148.7 mph).

But was that enough to bag Buell a world record? Unfortunately, the jury is still out on that particular point, with no-one being able to confirm just what Buell has managed to achieve… yet.