Monday, April 13, 2009

Pingo Calling Cards - Free International Talktime Bonus

Pingo Calling Cards - Free International Talktime Bonus - Double Your Money Offer

Today we will go through Pingo calling cards, which are one of the world's leading international long-distance carriers. They work around iBasis network which is assurance of superior quality and reliability— in addition to the most competitive rates in calling.

Pingo provides reliable, high quality international long distance phone calling service with the savings of international calling cards.

Pingo offers many calling facilities, its just not there for international calls, but also for domestic calls, Whether its India, Canada, USA etc. You can check this out on their site. Similarly for calling other destinations like Dominican Republic, Kenya, Bangladesh, Philippines, UAE, Saudi Arabia etc. Pingo calling card is a very cheap option. and they charge no additional fees -- just a 98 cents USD per month account maintenance fee.

Pingo Calling Cards

What's the offer?

Pingo has introduced an offer of get double what you invest against your money. It means, if you purchase a 10$ calling card you will get 10$ free bonus. Not only this if you Sign up for Pingo you will get $5 in FREE calls.

How to Call From Pingo?

1. You have to dial the local or toll-free access number provided by Pingo.
2. At the voice prompt, enter your account number and PIN.
(Use PINpass and skip step # 2!)
3. For all calls, dial the country code and number you want to call and press #. (With Pingo Speed Dial, you can shorten this step to just one or two numbers!)
4. If you want to place another call, don't hang up—just wait two seconds after the other party has hung up and dial the new number and press #.

So if you are the one who don't mind spending few bucks and were looking for cheap international calls, Pingo calling card offer always looks like a cheap and good calling package.