Monday, April 13, 2009

New Cars

19 Jan 09
Peugeot 3008

Peugeot has launched the new 3008, the company's first crossover. Previewed by the Prologue concept unveiled at the 2008 Paris Motor Show, and nearly identical in its overall aesthetic, the 3008 is positioned at the crossroads between SUVs, MPVs and traditional hatchbacks, and will be the French automaker's first vehicle to offer a hybrid powertrain.

The design of the production 3008 is virtually identical to the concept's, though the new car makes do with smaller wheels, a metal roof rather than an all-glass canopy, and the reptilian skin graft at the rear has been removed. Peugeot claims its non-conformist approach offers an original solution and optimal versatility to customers in search of modernity, practicality and driving pleasure.

Inside, the car appears to be an inviting and driver-oriented environment, with a center stack angled towards the driver. The upmarket interior aims to attract the same kind of buyers drawn to Nissan's highly successful short-wheelbase Qashqai. New technologies such as dynamic roll and grip control are claimed to enable the vehicle to blend a higher driving position with engaging driving characteristics and environmental efficiency.

18 Jan 09
Fisker Karma S concept

Fisker Automotive revealed the newest addition to its lineup at NAIAS 2009, exactly a year after the independent carmaker unveiled its first concept vehicle, the Karma.

Called the Karma S concept, the four-seat convertible was designed by Henrik Fisker with input from a newly assembled design team taken on to help bring the Karma sedan to production.

The design of the S is likely to make it to the showroom almost unchanged.

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18 Jan 09
Lincoln C concept

Ford's luxury division revealed a surprise new concept at the 2009 NAIAS: the C-segment, six-passenger Lincoln C design study, aimed at upscale urban consumers.

According to Freeman Thomas, director of Ford's Strategic Concepts Group where the concept was created, "the Lincoln C is about efficiency without compromise".

The exterior design was concieved by David Woodhouse and Jeremy Leng, and the interior by Andrei Markevich and Matt Edwards.

For additional details on the concept car, see our 2009 Detroit Auto Show Highlights and check out the photo gallery below.

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17 Jan 09
Chrysler 200C EV concept
Chrysler unveiled the 200C EV concept at the Detroit Auto Show earlier this week. The new car is a four-seat luxury sedan that progresses the bodyside-to-DLO proportions of the 300C.

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17 Jan 09
Lexus HS 250h

Toyota's Lexus division unveiled the HS 250h at the 2009 NAIAS. The new mid-sized hybrid will sit between the smaller IS and larger ES models in the company's portfolio, bearing an all-new design with a best-in-class drag coefficient of 0.27 (better than that of the new Prius).

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16 Jan 09
VIDEO: Subaru Legacy concept
The Subaru Legacy, previewed in concept form at the 2009 NAIAS, marks the vehicle's 20th anniversary and signals the design direction of the company's next-generation sedan.

For additional details on the concept car, see our 2009 Detroit Auto Show Highlights and check out the video to the left.

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