Monday, April 20, 2009

Changan e301 concept

Changan Auto, one of China's five major domestic auto manufacturers, today revealed the e301 crossover concept. Going against the trend of other automakers of a similar size, Changan is planning to display only two concepts at the show. Developed in-house, the e301 crossover is quickly gathering interest as its blue-sky concept stands out from Shanghai's many production-based show cars.

Styling-wise, the overall design could easily have come straight out of the Citro├źn stable; the e301 is described by the company as a 'brand-new type of sports utility vehicle with a bold, innovative, fashionable design for young Chinese people'. The most notable aspects of its design include an asymmetrical deck design, split DLO and a 'fang-like' lower air intake.

Two different types of hybrid powertrains and a hydrogen fuel cell propulsion system power the e301 concept.