Monday, September 7, 2009

EcoBoost-Powered Volvos To Arrive In Aus By End Of 2010


THE 2.0 LITRE ECOBOOST inline-four that’s destined for the 2011 Ford Falcon is also set to appear under the bonnets of a number of future Volvo models. The first of these is expected to arrive on Australian soil toward the end of next year.

Although sharing a significant amount of componentry, Volvo will drop the EcoBoost name in favour of its own GTDi badge.


Both a 1.6 litre and 2.0 litre GTDi inline four are planned, although a 3.5 litre GTDi V6 may also eventuate.

Each will employ direct injection and turbocharging to boost low-end torque, producing the pulling power of larger capacity engines but without the heavy fuel consumption.

One of the first models expected to feature a GTDi engine is the upcoming 2010 XC60.

The all-new S60 replacement, slated to land in Australian showrooms in the fourth quarter of 2010, is also likely to make use of a GTDi powerplant.

A six-speed Powershift twin-clutch gearbox (similar to that fitted to the current Focus diesel) will be mated to the GTDi engines.

Volvo Australia spokesperson Laurissa Mirabelli told TMR that it’s still too early to say precisely which models will receive the new engines, but that a GTDi version of the sharp C30 hatch was not planned.