Sunday, July 26, 2009

Nissan Develops Cornering Assistance System


NISSAN HAS ANNOUNCED that the next generation Nissan Fuga will debut a suite of newly-developed driver assistance technologies, including two systems that help drivers take high-speed corners more safely.

The Navigation-Cooperative Intelligent Pedal works in tandem with the car’s onboard GPS navigation and analyses map data to determine when a curve is being approached too quickly. When the car’s speed is too great, the system moves the accelerator upwards to prompt the driver to remove their foot from the pedal.

When no pressure is being applied to the accelerator, the system then slows the car down to a speed that it determines as being safe for the upcoming corner.


Active Stability Assist is the other component of Nissan’s handling-augmenting safety package and works by reading driver inputs to the steering, brakes and accelerator and modulating braking force and power delivery to suit.

Although it operates in a similar way to most modern stability control systems, Active Stability Assist is different in its ability to anticipate driver demands and modify the car’s behaviour to maximise performance, rather than just keep the car on the tarmac.

Both technologies will feature on the next-generation Nissan Fuga sedan, which is due to be revealed at the Tokyo Motor Show this October.


Although the Fuga won’t be coming to Australia, its Infiniti-badged equivalent - the Infiniti M - might be headed here.

Nissan Australia has made no secret of its intention to bring the Infiniti brand back to our shores, and when it does, it’ll be bringing a full range of Infiniti’s RWD and AWD line-up with it.