Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Road Going Porsche RS Spyder On The Way?


Porsche has had a gap at the top of its lineup ever since the Carrera GT departed in 2006. Although there hasn’t been a production vehicle since then, Porsche has continued with plenty of development work put into the likes of it’s Le Mans RS Spyder racer.

Now, French publication l’Automobile claims to have the inside goss on a road-ready version of the RS Spyder, which is rumoured to be under development.


While some crucial details are missing, indications point to a carbon fibre monocoque structure. A detuned (for reliability’s sake) version of the Spyder’s 3.4 litre V8 pushing out 294kW - down from 353kW in the race engine - is tipped to take a mid mounted position within the chassis.

While the power output might seem modest, the RS won’t be toting any additional weight to hold it back from being lighter than anything else in Porsche’s existing lineup.


Bodywork too will differ from that of the LMP2 racer, taking on the look of a more conventional (but still bloody outrageous) roadster. Dimensions will probably be shared with the racer, with an estimated 4650mm length, 2000mm width and a height of just 1100mm.

No word yet on an expected release date, however. Details of what transmission will be used or if the engine will feature direct injection remain shrouded in secrecy too.

While it looks tantalising on paper it may be safer to consider this as being purely rumour for the moment. We’ll keep you posted on any further details as they surface.