Monday, May 11, 2009

Ford Engineer Builds 2.7 l/100km ‘HyperRocket’


Being a fuel economy technical expert for Ford North America has given this engineer the chops needed to develop his own ultra-economical vehicle, which he has titled the ‘HyperRocket’.

Shaped like an old jet fuselage sans wings, the HyperRocket is powered by a 250cc four-stroke motorcycle engine and weighs in at 229kg – not much more than a road bike.


Combined with a 0.16 drag coefficient, the HyperRocket manages a 2.7 l/100km (105mpg) fuel economy at 105km/h, and 2.2 l/100km (125mpg) with the addition of narrower motorcycle tyres and a smaller rear sprocket.

Best of all, it’s for sale on eBay Motors right now. But with less than half an hour left in the auction (at time of publishing) and zero bids, the US$15,600 opening price may need to be revisited.