Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Geely IG concept

The neat little IG (‘intelligent Geely') city car is just 3m long, and like the similarly-proportioned Toyota iQ, it has a 3+1-seater interior. However, rather than a layout with a foldaway rear seat, it positions the driver centrally ahead of the pair of passengers, all three on lightweight, space-efficient skeletal seat structures.

Looking neat and modern in its orange paint with black bonnet, black roof pillars and extended side indicator strips which wrap up from the corners of the headlights to the side windowline, the wheel-at-each-corner IG is chunky and purposeful - and as a battery-driven EV with range supplemented by its roof-mounted solar panel, it is indeed an intelligent choice for urban life.

Geely will market the IG under its new Gleagle brand, and is said to be planning exports to the West, though it's expected to get more conventional seats for production.