Tuesday, May 12, 2009

2010 Lexus IS250C Launched In Japan


The Lexus brand, despite the origin of its parent company, has only been operating in the Japanese market since 2005. While initial sales in the motherland were lower than the company expected, the launch of the LS460 in Japan in late 2006, with orders several times greater than expected, saw the brand become a solid performer.

Now, three years later, the home islands are the first to see the new 2010 Lexus IS250C convertible roaming the roads.


To set it apart from its IS250 sibling, the IS250C features an electrically-operated aluminium alloy folding roof, with opening and closing times of 20 seconds each way.

Based on the Lexus L-finesse1 design language, Lexus says the IS250C portrays two distinct personalities: top-down, the high rear deck results in an “elegant flowing silhouette”, while putting the roof in place creates a “sporty coupe” look.


The Lexus IS250C features a reinforced body and under-floor bracing which, according to Lexus, results in one of the sturdiest convertibles on the market.

The windshield has been designed to reduce wind disturbance on occupants, while the air-conditioning system automatically adjusts cabin temperature to suit exterior temperatures and the amount of sunlight entering the vehicle.


Lexus’ new drop-top offers a fuel economy of 8.9 l/100km in the Japanese 10-15 test cycle, while emissions are 75 percent lower than Japan’s 2005 legal standards.

The IS250C has been designed to comfortably seat four adults without sacrificing storage – the boot will take a golf bag even with the roof stowed.

Five interior colour arrangements are available, trimmed in either leather or cloth. There are three two-tone colour combinations for the seats, as well as three stitching colours and three varieties of wood-grain panelling.


Nine body colours are available, including Cattleya Mica Metallic, added specifically for the IS250C range.

The Lexus IS250C is due for an Australian launch in the second half of 2009.