Friday, May 22, 2009

2009 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X FQ-330 SST Let Loose On UK Market


The Poms might not have our pristine beaches, beaut weather and icy cold beer, but they have scored the latest Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X FQ-330 SST, with 25kW and 71Nm of torque more than our top-spec Evo MR. Oh, and the new Evo also comes with a neat array of kit.

The FQ-330 sports Mitsubishi’s 6-speed Twin-Clutch Sports Shift Transmission (SST) system and boasts 242kW and 437Nm of torque at a comfortable mid-range of 3,500rpm.

The Australian-delivered Lancer Evolution X

The Australian-delivered Lancer Evolution X

The Super All Wheel Control (S-AWC) system ensures power is planted firmly on the tarmac.

To achieve this boost in power, the engineers used a breathing kit that includes an intercooler piping kit, a racing suction pipe, a high performance exhaust and downpipe as well as a remapping of the ECU (Engine Control Unit).

The £35,999 (AU$73,312) Mitsu now rockets from 0 – 100km/h in 4.4 seconds, and tops out at 249km/h. That’s Porsche 911 Carrera S acceleration territory, folks, but at seriously less dollars.

Standard equipment includes 18-inch alloy wheels, Brembo brakes, adaptive xenon headlights, Recaro front seats, HDD satellite navigation system and a Rockford sound system with Bluetooth and iPod/MP3 auxiliary port. Buyers can choose from four exterior colour options.

Just to make you even greener with envy, the “land of hope and glory” has seven Evos in its range, with the range-topping FQ 360 SST grabbing 18kW more than the FQ 330 SST. That little beastie will set you back £39 999 ($81,429).

Of course, the big question is: will we see a similar update offered in the Australian-delivered Evo range? Unfortunately, according to Mitsubishi Motors Australia’s Head of Communications Lenore Fletcher, the answer for the foreseeable future is a resounding ‘no’.


Still, Aussie Evo enthusiasts need not fret, because factory-friendly aftermarket tuner Team Mitsubishi Ralliart offers a range of upgrades to suit the Evo X. Check out our test of TMR’s (we like their acronym, too) Evo X SST Club Spec for an idea of what can be done with your own Evo.