Sunday, May 3, 2009

2009 Honda Silver Wing 400 Released


Honda has added a new mid-size scooter, the Silver Wing 400 to the Honda pack. Complementing the (much) larger Silver Wing 600 scooter, the 400 offers a similar level of comfort and performance as its amply-fed bigger brother.

And like the Silver Wing 600, the 400cc version also provides a similar ‘cargo-carrying’ capacity, with a tardis-like 55 litres of under-seat storage space. (Can that be right? That’s enough space to get a cow under the seat… ok, a small cow, a 55 litre one.)


Keeping the scooter (and cow cargo) motivated is a liquid-cooled fuel-injected DOHC parallel twin engine.

Like most scooters, with the Silver Wing there is no necessity to worry about swapping the cogs or juggling the clutch at lights; Honda’s V-Matic automatic belt drive transmission looks after things there. Honda promises “easy linear power delivery” in getting the power to the tarmac.

With nice aerodynamics and wind protection (to stop you getting blown into the boondocks), the Silver Wing 400 also features a low centre of gravity which should make it a doddle to manoeuvre around the ‘burbs.

There is also a broad and comfortable tandem seat, heavy-duty suspension and strong braking performance (with ABS on Oz models). On paper at least, the Silver Wing 400 promises safe and sure-footed handling for the open road as well as for the city commute.


Keeping the environment happy, there is a HECS3 oxygen-sensing catalytic converter system to minimise harmful exhaust emissions and ensuring full EURO-3 compliance.

Available now from your local Honda Dealer nationally, the Silver Wing retails for $10,990 and comes in a black or silver colour scheme. (A cow is extra.)

We’ll review it and give you the verdict.

Go to for the full specs.