Thursday, April 23, 2009

Chery Riich M1

China's government-owned Chery Auto will launch a B-segment hatchback called the Riich M1 at Auto Shanghai 2009. The Riich M1 is the first car to be produced from the five Faira concepts designed for the automaker by Italy's Torino Design and shown at Auto China 2008.

The B-segment car is aimed at young urbanites that live in the tier-one cities of Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. It is expected to compete against the well-established Suzuki Swift, Honda Fit and Toyota Yaris, providing a cheaper alternative to the Japanese import vehicles.

Chery claims that beneath the M1's 'cute and bubbly' exterior lies an interior design that features a number of hi-tech options and luxurious details. We'll soon find out for ourselves.